01-03 May, 2017 | Novotel Canberra

Luke Viney

Principal Fraud Officer
Queensland Health

5:00 PM Workshop D: Achieving Zero Fraud and Corruption Tolerance

Being clear with where your organisation stands and defines fraud and corruption is the start to achieving an internal zero fraud and corruption tolerance policy. It is important to set the bar from the beginning, ensuring you develop and build your fraud awareness culture to set a high expectation for honest behaviour. This workshop will bring your organisation back to the beginnings of fraud prevention and the best practices to maintain a zero fraud tolerance approach.

What will the workshop cover?
  • Strengthening your prevention strategies and promoting detection mechanisms to enhance your fraud prevention from the frontline
  • Cultivating your organisation’s positive reputation with dealing with fraud and corruption by refining strategies around your reporting regime and reporting misconduct
  • Reviewing and improving fraud risk assessment and management to address weak points in capabilities

1:20 PM Cross Industry Panel Discussion: Preparing an Anti-Fraud Collaboration Program

Collaborating is an important part of increasing your organisation’s awareness for fraud and corruption prevention. The aim is to help develop trust, zero-tolerance and understanding that will cultivate a layer of resilience against internal and external fraud. This panel discussion will explore the necessities for incorporating such a program in your organisation as an important strategy to be embraced.
  • How to effectively build a level of trust and collaboration within your organisation to develop awareness for possible emerging internal and external fraud trends
  • Customising and encouraging unique training opportunities in your organisation to boost fraud resilience stance
  • Incorporating zero-tolerance policies and understanding of Public Interest Disclosure Acts to also enhance and establish best-practices to collaborate against combatting internal fraud

Check out the incredible speaker line-up to see who will be joining Luke.

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