01-03 May, 2017 | Novotel Canberra

Rebecca Rolls

General Manager, Investigations
Serious Fraud Office, New Zealand

2:10 PM Inside a Fraudster’s Mind – Investigating and Understanding the External Environment Motivating Fraudulent Decisions

Fraud offender profiles are often used to predict possible fraudsters in the future, yet it goes beyond the individual characteristics of the person. Cultural barriers and changing economic environments can be seen as motivating factors for fraudsters, so it is important to know how your organisation should also response to external environmental factors outside your control to prevent internal fraud. This session will investigate the external factors that motivate fraudsters and how you can prepare your organisation to combat this in the future.

  • Shifting the focus and methodology away from fraud offender profiling to exploring the bigger landscape
  • How to monitor changing attitudes and ensure individuals are aware of conduct that was once acceptable may now be considered misconduct
  • Investigating cultural barriers around fraud and corruption and how individual experiences, changing economic environment and demographics can affect the ‘cultural norm’

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