Public Sector Fraud & Corruption Summit 2017

Leveraging techniques and building organisational awareness to detect and prevent fraud and corruption

The Public Governance,Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) and section 10 of the PGPA rule 2014 require all non-corporate Commonwealth agencies to provide fraud control information. While Corporate Commonwealth entities are not required to comply with the fraud policy, they are encouraged to align their frameworks as a matter of good practice. With fraud, bribery and corruption being rated within the top four of economic crimes in Australia, such practices are important and should be mandated. 

However, in 2015, Australia ranked outside of the top 10 in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, which depicts a country’s perceived level of public sector corruption and position globally. Portraying a drop in rank since previous years, this can be viewed as alarming despite the expectation for Government entities to leverage fraud control arrangements within their organisation. 

With this in mind, IQPC is proud to host the 2nd Annual Public Sector Fraud and Corruption Summit 2017, focusing on managing the increased perception and pressure to combat fraud and corruption within and outside your organisation. This event will bring together key experts and thought leaders in the Australian public sector to deliver case studies and best practices towards proactive fraud and corruption management, reducing your organisation’s risk exposure.

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Main themes include:

Engage in networking opportunities with some of Australia’s fraud control and anti-corruption professionals in the public sector

Learn practical ways in developing effective detection and prevention methods for strengthening your organisation’s response to possible exposure

Benefit from interactive workshops that focus on integrating ethics and integrity and identifying vulnerable and weak points in your framework and organisational culture around fraud awareness

Discover insights and case studies into how all levels of Federal, State and Local Government entities have successfully combatted internal and external suspected fraud

Develop your understanding of the challenges around the current fraud legislative requirements and policies to manage organisational reputation while being transparent with staff and the public

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