01-03 May, 2017 | Novotel Canberra

Jane Mitson

Chief Advisor, Risk, Assurance and Integrity
New Zealand Customs Service

9:50 AM Cross Industry Panel Discussion: Overcoming Barriers with Incorporating the Integrity and Fraud Control Role in Risk and Internal Audit

Many smaller organisations face challenges around the constraints with limited resources. As a result, it’s not common to have separate internal audit and fraud prevention roles. Regardless of how major or minor the project can be, the fraud and integrity roles are often intertwined with audit, leaving those responsible to learn how to juggle and embed it in risk management. This panel will discuss effective methods for keeping the balance while still ensuring the organisation has a strong resilience against fraud and corruption.
  • How to create a palatable framework and incorporate integrity and fraud prevention across all areas of the organisation without a designated integrity and fraud control department
  • Generating interest and cooperation within the organisation at the early stages to better manage time and resources and enable better fraud prevention and detection methods
  • Exploring the role of internal audit in work review and data analysis to prevent and detect corrupt conduct

11:40 AM Measuring Integrity and Proving your Organisation’s Fraud Resilience

Organisations are encouraged to put together policies and frameworks to combat fraud and corruption, but how do you measure the resilience your organisation has if you’ve never encountered it before? Additionally, measuring the integrity of your organisation has the same challenges, and surveys are often not enough to determine how ethical and honest individuals are. This session will explore the need to invest in opportunities to measure integrity, and effective ways to do so.
  • Strengthening the forefront and managing your three lines of defence to construct better resilience and response
  • The integrity champion: executing the role of integrity and analysing your organisation’s integrity principles for better resilience measurement
  • Debating whether organisations need to consider publicly declaring their level of integrity and resilience

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